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IKT AG, a Swiss company located at Winterthur/Zurich, comprises the core business of the IKT group.
The main products are Environmental Controlled (Weighing) Chambers ECC and the related Measurement Analysis Service MAS ( micro gram accuracy level). Main clients: automotive diesel engineering, chemical and micro balance calibration industries.
Further activities concern the prime contractor role in bigger development and trading projects.

IKT Development Ltd. comprises three consulting  business divisions
Please contact the head office directly.

The Environment and Public Division
The environment focus is related to efficient Waste Removal and Recycling Processes. The public focus concerns efficient
Community Leadership and Administration. The main clients are Swiss communities, cities and regions, which are looking for technical and organizational improvements with substantial financial benefits.
The technical focus concerns the IKT project management in cases where substantial international know-how transfer with different partners is needed for R&D, Marketing and Production projects.

The InnoTransfer Division
The transfer focus is related to the knowledge used for any Innovative Improvements in industrial projects and organizations.
The main clients are European industrial companies.

The IT & Com Division
The IT focus is related to the efficient and reliable IT Project Management, Service and business solutions. The communication core competence is the Advanced Streaming and Broadcast Technology used for higher image quality video transfer by the internet to any standard PC user, without today`s time delay for down loading procedures. The main clients are any video providers with clear live-mode request, worldwide.

IKT Consulting Joerin is the private company of the founder Ernst Joerin. Based on his 25 years of industrial export (CEO/CTO), public, Swiss Army and political leadership experience he is prepared to support any client by consulting specific technical, public and private issues. His background is described in the company profile of IKT AG. The main asset of this small company is the large personal network (Greater Zurich Aera and international).


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