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MAS ECC 3/3A/4/X

The IKT “Two-Step Problem Solution“ Tradition

2001  IKT focused its consulting in the past specifically on the first step, the start of a project. We believe that
         the success of any task depends on the rapid analysis of the problem at hand, the evaluation of basic
         solutions and the presentation of alternatives, because there is never only one way to solve a problem.
         Finally, a proposal for the optimal way for realization is elabo­rated.

2006  ECC2 was the first product generation of environmental controlled chamber systems (e.g. for particulate
         filter weighing in the automotive industry, among others).

2008  MAS Measurement Analysis Service, was established for the reliable analysis of planned ultra micro ba-
         lance locations and the rapid check of EPA/EU compliance with any environmental controlled systems.
         (First step of a project, Analysis.)

2009  ECC3 is the second product generation, with top performance and client application specific variants 3A,
         4 and X. (Second step of a project, Realisation.)

2009  ECC-CM is the professional and easy to handle technical climate monitoring system. Temperature, dew
         point, relative humidity and pressure are given, supplemented with system key-settings.



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